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Business Online Banking

BankWest offers two variations of business online banking, each with its own unique features and services. Basic business online banking is great for smaller businesses with a desire to improve their cash flow through greater access to and control of their business accounts. For larger businesses, classic business online banking adds essential features including ACH (Automated Clearing House) functions, payroll and bill pay. Both products allow you to download account information to business software programs, further improving your business efficiency.

Basic Online Banking
Includes the basics such as viewing balances, debits and credits; viewing checks as they clear accounts, transferring funds between BankWest accounts and searching account history. There is no monthly fee for basic business online banking.

Classic Online Banking
Provides the basic business online banking features with the added benefit of ACH functions, payroll and bill pay. Monthly fee is based on relationships and features you use.

Classic Feature A la Carte Pricing Bundle Discount
Payroll $25 $50.00 for all features.
You save $35.00 per month.
ACH Payments $15
ACH Receipts $15
Collections $15
Wire Transfers $15
EFTPS Tax Payments Free
Authorize Transactions Free
Transfers Free

Desktop Deposit

With desktop deposit at BankWest, you can scan, submit and deposit checks from your desktop to accelerate cash flow and deposit availability. We provide the scanner; all you need is a BankWest business checking account and a computer with Internet access.

Your benefits include:
  • Accelerate cash flow and funds availability.
  • Fewer trips to the bank.
  • Eliminate paper and manual processes.
  • Reduce reconciliation time and expense.
  • Access 24/7.

A $50 monthly fee may be offset based upon your BankWest relationships.

Account Reconciliation

A variety of reconciliation services are available to help ensure your books are in order: Our BankWest Cash Management team can help you:

  • Automate the reconciling process.
  • Provide account history reports.
  • Improve security.

Business Debit Card

This free service will allow you and your most trusted employees to use a business debit card wherever VISA cards are accepted. Business debit cards work like a check, but are faster and easier. They also save you time and money by reducing the number of checks written each month, reducing the reconciliation process and reducing the number of checks you order.

Your benefits include:
  • Welcome everywhere VISA is accepted.
  • Backed by VISA security and liability protection.
  • Itemized purchases are listed on your monthly statement.
  • Order additional cards for your trusted employees.
  • Authorize individual spending limits for employees.

Merchant Card Services

Accept credit and debit card transactions for your customers’ convenience. For your convenience, these services help reduce cash and check processing fees, returned check fees and other collection fees.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

This pass-through account prevents your money from sitting idle and assists you in managing multiple accounts efficiently. The ZBA maintains a zero balance until you write checks on the account. When the funds are needed, they’re automatically transferred from your designated funding account.







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For more information on these and other business services and products, please contact:

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Michael Roggow
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