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Transition your banking relationship with ease. We're very happy to have you as an account holder. As part of our welcoming process, we use SwitchAgent's one-of-a-kind technology to make it easy for you to consolidate and move your automated deposits and withdrawals from your old account to your new account.

SwitchAgent does the work for you.

We’ll contact each company for you and switch your transactions to your new account using the information you have provided. Instructions will be provided to you for companies that may require additonal action.

Now is the perfect time to switch all your deposits and withdrawals.

  • Direct Deposits
  • Social Security
  • Utility Payments
  • Insurance Payments
  • Memberships
  • Student Loan
Three Simple Steps

Gather Information

Gather your documents.
First you'll want to gather any statements, invoices or paystubs related to your existing automated deposits and withdrawals such as insurance, mortgage payments or direct deposits.

Submit Information

Sumbit your information using our simple online tool.
Next, SwitchAgent will help you identify the necessary information and submit your automatic deposit and withdrawal switches.

Review Schedule

Review your switch schedule.
Last, we'll create your personal Switch Schedule based on the information you provide. The schedule will show a time line of when transactions will be switched to your new account, and will include a checklist of actions to help you best manage the transition.


Start Today
To move your accounts using SwitchAgent, go to:  https://www.switchagent.com/bankwest
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