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switch agent

Switching your accounts to BankWest is as easy as 1, 2, 3 Ö and to ensure your transition goes smoothly, we will assign a personal assistant to walk you through the process.

What is Switch Agent?

Switching account information can seem like a tedious chore. Switch Agent is the secure, automated concierge service that makes it easy to move your automated transactions from an old account into your new account with BankWest.  Switch Agent makes the move fast, easy and secure in just three steps. Best of all Ö itís free!

Step One: Complete Authorization Form

Weíll provide you with the one-page Switch Agent authorization form. Complete it, sign it and return it to your banker. Be sure to select a phone appointment time with the Deluxe Switch Agent representative. If you have any questions about the authorization form, please contact your banker or call Deluxe at (855) 879-4824.

Step Two: Gather Information

When completing the authorization form, you will schedule a phone appointment with a Switch Agent representative. You will also receive examples that will help you gather and organize all of your automated transactions. The gathered information will help your Switch Agent representative compile basic information during your phone appointment regarding all of your recurring payments and deposits. You will need:

  • Account numbers
  • Billing addresses
  • Dates and amounts of last transactions
  • Frequency of transactions

Step Three: Phone Appointment with Switch Agent Representative

Your Switch Agent representative will call you on the appointment date and time you indicated to collect your information and answer any questions you may have. You will then receive your personal switch schedule detailing when each of your transactions is expected to switch to your new account. And, if you choose, we can help you initiate the closure of your old account.

Youíre Done!

After your phone appointment, a Switch Agent representative will contact all of your billers and depositors, notifying them to move transactions to your new account. You will receive email notifications updating you on the status of your switch, which may take a few weeks to complete. Thatís it! You will have the peace of mind knowing youíve safely moved your automated transactions to us.

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